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Consumers is Here to Help

Consumers is Here to Help

Mar 23, 2020 11:59:23 AM
by Consumers Kitchens & Baths

We all deserve the security and comfort of a kitchen or bath in our homes, especially during the current Coronavirus pandemic. That is why Consumers Kitchens & Baths is dedicated to helping our Long Island neighbors complete their home remodeling projects during these trying times.

Warehousing: Our warehousing operation is fully operating and is essential to getting your project completed. Deliveries will continue, as scheduled, to make sure those who need their building materials get them as soon as possible.

Showrooms: Our showrooms remain open but we have drastically reduced the hours of operation and number of designers on-site to protect the well-being of our valued customers and employees. Rest assured, if you visit a Consumers location, we are committed to exceeding CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting.

Online Assistance: We also have many designers working from home and encourage you to meet with them remotely. All you need is an Internet connection and phone to get your design completed online, view 3D perspectives, and even obtain pricing without ever leaving your home.

Above all, Consumers cares about our customers and employees. We will continue following all federal and state health guidelines while providing our neighbors with the products they need to complete their renovations and put the health of employees and patrons first when making key decisions.