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How To Know You're Working With A Reputable Kitchen & Bath Company

How To Know You're Working With A Reputable Kitchen & Bath Company

Jan 4, 2019 1:16:00 PM
by Consumers Kitchens & Baths

The importance of finding a reputable company to help with your remodel cannot be overstated. For many families, kitchen and bath renovations only happen once in a lifetime. Think about the pressure that exists to make sure you get everything right on the first try!

The most important step in a successful remodel is choosing the right company, but how can you really know if you've found someone you can trust? Begin by making sure the answers to each of the following questions is a resounding, Yes!

Will They be Here Tomorrow?

Choosing a company to handle your remodel is not just about shopping for the best price. You should have complete confidence that the company and their employees will be there before, during, and after the sale to help make your renovation a success.

There is no better testimonial to how well a company takes care of its customers than longevity. Consumers Kitchens & Baths has been in business for over 4 decades, and has served over 750,000 customers in that time. When you choose a company with an established track record, you can rest easy knowing they're right where you need them to be if you have a question or concern.

Are Their Designers Certified?

You deserve a designer who is knowledgeable enough to smoothly guide you through your remodel. When meeting with prospective designers, ask them if they are accredited and if so, by which authority. Leaving any element of design, construction, and layout to an individual that is not properly trained can result in costly mistakes and delays.

Do They Have the Support of a Team?

You may find a qualified designer who works for a reputable enough company, but who does that person have backing them up? In addition to designing your kitchen, are they also responsible for scheduling deliveries, handling service issues, paying the bills, and cleaning the showrooms?

You deserve someone who can fully focus on the task at hand - your new kitchen. Look for an organization with a solid infrastructure - one that has a dedicated after the sale service department, order verification team, and their own delivery department.

Are They Able to Satisfy Unhappy Customers?

Word of mouth can be a very powerful thing, especially in the arena of home remodeling. There is nothing that spreads faster than the word of an unhappy customer who is ready to share their story with anyone who will listen. A reputable company understands that mistakes are a fact of life in remodeling, and responds to unhappy customers quickly to resolve the issue, and mend the situation.

You also should take into consideration the number of complaints compared to the number of actual projects a business is completing. If you see one or two big complaints from a company that does 100 projects a month, it’s different than seeing one or two big complaints from a company that only does 5 projects a month.

While no complaint is too small for any company, the proportion at which they come in, and how they are handled speaks volumes about the company, designer, and sales team you choose to work with.

Finding a company with a proven track record, properly trained designers, and an entire team of professionals who are focused on your project is paramount to the overall success of your renovation. It is the only way to guarantee a beautiful new kitchen, without the headaches!