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Lighting Up Your Kitchen

Lighting Up Your Kitchen

Feb 7, 2019 5:48:00 AM
by Consumers Kitchens & Baths

Is your kitchen stuck in a time warp with really bad lighting? If you have an older home, chances are your kitchen is in the middle of the house with no windows, one sad, small incandescent light fixture high on the ceiling, or a headache inducing flickering florescent light. There are options out there to brighten things up without spending money on a total makeover.

Ceiling Lighting

Replacing old lighting with can lights or track lighting can bring a more sophisticated look to your space. New lighting installed in the ceilings also allows for you to add additional lights to improve the lighting in the room. Can lights can be used in both high and low ceilings, but track lighting is best for higher ceilings due to the clearance needed below them.

Under and Above Cabinet Lighting

Lighting mounted on cabinetry is a great way to create ambiance. While under cabinet mounted lighting is more for tasks, it can also be a great way to light the counter area at night without being overpowering. Above cabinet lighting is also great for the ambiance effect because it throws light into the room without being too bright. LED or halogen lights are great options for under or above cabinet lighting.

Task Lighting

One thing that is often mentioned during remodels is that homeowners don’t want to have to turn on every light to see something, or they need just a little more light in an area to see clearly. This is where task lighting comes in. It is not supposed to light the whole room, but to bring an almost spotlight to areas like food prep, seating, or a desk area. Task lighting can be a row of pendants, or separately operated ceiling lights.

On top of adding new lighting to the space, also consider what helps make a room feel lighter. An open space, access to windows and lighter finishes will help make the room feel lighter than it may actually be. You’ll be amazed at what the proper lighting and design can do to make a room more bright and cheery.

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