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Shape Your Style with Bathroom Cabinetry - Part 2

Shape Your Style with Bathroom Cabinetry - Part 2

Jun 9, 2018 12:56:00 PM
by Consumers Kitchens & Baths

Tired of the boring look that has taken over your bathroom? There are many ways to dress up your bathroom style, and your cabinets can play a large role in achieving your desired look. 

In part 1, we went over some tips for acquiring a traditional, modern or contemporary feel in your bathroom. In this post, we’ll expand with some tips for transitional and country bathrooms:


Making a style decision one way or the other can be tough, which is why it is sometimes nice to combine key details from multiple styles. Transitional bathrooms combine the warmth of traditional with the simplicity of contemporary. Get the look:

  • Door styles: To get a transitional look in your bathroom, opt for cabinets that are not too detailed, but not too plain either. A great choice would be a flat panel, or perhaps shaker style door.
  • Colors and finish: Once again, neutral colors are preferred in transitional, and often, a black and white look is welcomed.
  • Top it off: Keep your hardware sleek and simple, but don’t be afraid to add some molding and a bit of detail (not too over the top) to give a nod back to the traditional roots.


Your country bathroom will give off vibes of a comfortable, sophisticated room with bits of rustic flare. Get the look:

  • Door styles: Country bathrooms often come with raised panel cabinet doors, and you may even find some arched, cathedral style detailing.
  • Colors and finish: Your country cabinets will fit the part with a light, natural finish (think white, creamy, or natural wood).
  • Top it off: Choose dark rustic knobs (such as a rubbed bronze) to finish off your country bathroom charm. Adorn your windows or shower with a fun, but sophisticated fabric print – such as floral, striped or plaid.

There are many ways to achieve each look in your bathroom, and you shouldn’t feel you have to do things one way or another. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary spa-like oasis, or an elegant traditional or vintage look, it can be achieved with the proper combination of cabinet door style, colors, materials and details. Let your inspiration get sparked by browsing some of our bathroom catalogs, and seek design advice from our experts who have seen it all.