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Shape Your Style with Bathroom Cabinetry - Part 1

May 18, 2018 1:05:00 PM
by Consumers Kitchens & Baths

Topics: Bathroom Remodeling

What does your current bathroom say about your style? Homeowners tend to focus a large amount of their style attention toward the kitchen (which is great), but there are plenty of other spaces in the home where you can display your favorite style.

While many factors (color, texture, fabrics and materials) work together to speak your style, whether it be traditional, modern, transitional or another, a great place to start defining your space is through cabinetry – especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you’re looking to define your style in the bathroom, here are some cabinetry tips to achieve a traditional, modern or contemporary look:


Your traditional bathroom should create a warm feeling and elegant charm. When designing the space, you might think of adding rich accents and detailing. Get the look:

  • Door Styles: Your bathroom can get a traditional feel through raised panel wood cabinetry.
  • Colors and Finish: Your color choices can vary in traditional bathroom cabinets, but natural and dark finishes on woods such as oak or cherry can keep the space warm. Using more than one color can also give it a furniture-feel.
  • Top It Off: Add molding, natural stone countertops and somewhat detailed hardware to finish off your traditional bathroom style.

Modern and Contemporary

While modern and contemporary styles are not the same (contrary to popular belief), they do share many similar characteristics when it comes to cabinetry and color schemes with simplicity being key. Get the look:

  • Door Styles: Both modern and contemporary styles boast cabinetry with minimal to no detailing. Flat-panel or slab door styles will give your space a streamlined, modern or contemporary feel.
  • Colors and Finish: While your colors can vary in modern or contemporary designs, try keeping things neutral with a dark brown finish.
  • Top It Off: To complete your modern or contemporary looks, a great hardware choice is long linear looking pulls in stainless steel, or opt for no hardware at all. Don’t be afraid to add some texture for a contemporary feel or shapes in either (contemporary is known for the occasional curve).

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