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This added service doesn’t cost you any extra and qualifies your purchase as a Capital Improvement,
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You can choose from the following materials:


Known for its enduring beauty and resistance to heat and scratching, granite is an ancient natural stone with inherent variations in color, tone, granularity, and pattern.

All natural granite kitchen countertops sold at Consumers come with a five-year stain warranty for peace of mind.



Quartz can be found in almost any type of rock on
the earth’s surface, but unlike granite, it forms in
clusters rather than huge stone blocks, so it must
be engineered into countertop slabs.

Engineered quartz is highly resistant to heat, scratches,
and impact. Its manufacturing process makes it
non-porous, creating a low-maintenance and
hygienic countertop surface.

Solid Surface

Solid surface is a synthetic blend of natural
minerals and high-performance acrylic.

It has enjoyed lasting popularity as a countertop
material due to its design flexibility, impact resistance, seamless appearance, and ease of repair to minor
stains, burns, and scratches.



High-pressure decorative laminate is composed of several layers of resin-saturated paperboard, topped with a decorative layer protected by melamine, then compressed and cured with heat to make a hard, durable surface. The laminate is then applied to a ¾" thick plywood core.

Consumers takes extra measures in our laminate countertop construction to ensure maximum durability and prevention against water penetration and delamination.


Although some materials come close, the beauty, warmth, veining, and character of a natural marble countertop cannot be replicated.

While marble is a natural stone, it is not as hard as granite, and does not share its trademark resistance to stains, scratches, etching, and even chipping. Over time, as more minor scratching and etching occurs, the less noticeable it will become (think of a wood floor) and regular sealing should prevent most stains.



Soapstone is a natural countertop material that combines the dark beauty of granite with the light veining of marble. Though it will darken naturally over time, its surface can be treated periodically with mineral oil to darken the stone and bring out the veining.

Soapstone is extremely resistant to heat and is non-porous by nature, so it will not stain. Under every day kitchen
use, however, it is not a matter of it will scratch but when. Minor nicks, scratches, and gouges can usually be
buffed out with sandpaper.


Not to be confused with engineered quartz, Quartzite is a natural stone created when sandstone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure in the earth’s crust.

Slabs of quartzite used for countertops are stunning and vivid, with large streaks of color spread across a base of white, beige, or gray stone.

Quartzite is harder than both granite and engineered quartz, as well as highly heat resistant


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