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Everything you need to know about kitchen cabinets

How to Choose the Right Cabinet Line.

Choosing the right brand of kitchen cabinets can seem like an impossible decision to make at first. At Consumers we'll make it a painless task as we offer cabinets for every style and budget.

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Cabinet Construction Types

When choosing new kitchen cabinets, one of the first decisions that should be made is one many people aren’t even aware of - are framed or full access cabinets the better choice?

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Cabinet Construction Features

Cabinet style will be what grabs your eye when you’re planning a new kitchen, but it’s the quality of the construction that will decide if they’ll continue looking just as good years from now.

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Cabinet Materials

How do you figure out the right material for your kitchen cabinets? The look of your new kitchen will be heavily influenced by the type of cabinet materials you choose.

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Cabinet Door Styles

Consumers offers a near-endless selection of cabinet door style options. Once you decide which one best fits your design theme, it becomes easier to focus on the finer details.

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Kitchen cabinets are not one size fits all products

Did you know? There are several differences in the way cabinets are manufactured that impact cost, production time, the quality of your design, and the overall look of your kitchen.

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