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5 Things to Go Over With Your Designer

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." The man who spoke those words, John Wooden, probably meant them to be used toward basketball, but the words are so true for many other things in life – crime scene investigating, cleaning, studying…and of course, planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Detail planning with your designer

Remodeling requires much attention to detail from your designer and yourself. It goes deeper than just planning out the details of your cabinets and countertops – but also in staying organized. Take time to communicate openly with your designer and go over these details – because, when you’re on the same page, big things can happen:

Timeline – Work with your remodeling team to create a timeline so that you and everyone else involved can avoid unnecessary surprises. Take note of specific details, such as the lead time of the products you order, when payments are expected, and when to expect deliveries. Also, be mindful that things can (and usually will) change slightly, even with adequate planning.

Budget - When your designer asks about your budget, know that they’re not trying to find out how much money they can get out of you, but rather trying to get a better understanding of your project scope. Your designer will likely ask you to come up with a range, so that there is flexibility built in. Find out how your designer would recommend breaking down your budget across each area of your remodel, so that you are less likely to miss any expenses that could sneak up on you later. They’ll remind you of details such as cabinet hardware, faucets, and fixtures, in addition to others that are commonly forgotten.

Team – Once you choose a designer, you obviously know you’ll be working with them, but there will usually be more people involved – find out who will be helping you at each step of the way, and make sure you have a constant contact throughout it all. At Consumers Kitchens and Baths, we have a team of people who make the magic happen seamlessly (many of whom are behind-the-scenes), but your designer will be your primary contact from concept to completion.

Quality of Product - When choosing new cabinets, countertops, and appliances it's best not to "judge a book by its cover." Even though you may fall in love with a product based on its look and cost, that does not necessarily mean it will look the same way 10 years from now. A great designer knows their products inside and out, so make sure you ask plenty of questions about construction features - and most importantly are satisfied with their answers.

Warranties – What happens if something in your newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom were to need a repair? This is something you absolutely should find out from your designer. Most products come with warranties or guarantees, but if the repair is not covered under the guarantee, you may be required to take on the repairs at your own expense. This is something you’ll want to figure out before your cabinets, countertops or other items are ordered.

Remodeling is no small endeavor – and your designer should be used to Q&A sessions, as most people are in the same boat as you. Make sure you make the most of the resources available so you can have the best experience possible.

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