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Where Do Appliances Fit In?

When considering your next remodel, Appliances are one of the most important decisions you’ll make. What makes appliances such a big deal? Simply put, the appliances you select effect the design and measurement of the cabinets. This means that before you finalize your designs, you should have all appliances chosen so your designer can work with you to ensure everything fits properly.

Appliances are a major part of the design process and have an effect on the aesthetics of the final layout, as well as how soon the project will be completed.

Final Layout Aesthetics

There are many suitable options when it comes to appliances, but for the best finished appearance, you may want to consider built-in appliances, such as refrigerators, wall ovens and cooktops

Built-in refrigerators (and even dishwashers) can be fitted with decorative panels provided by the cabinet manufacturer to make them blend in seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry. Wall ovens and cooktops not only provide precision cooking, but they are installed in cabinets made to fit them perfectly.

When purchasing built-in appliances however, you must proceed with caution. Because they are built into your cabinetry, they require specific cut out measurements to ensure the correct fit. If you purchase your appliances and cabinets at different dealers, the responsibility for managing the communication of these critical measurements between dealers becomes your burden alone.

For this reason, it is usually best to seek out a dealer that can provide you with the cabinetry, appliances, and countertops you need to complete your renovation.

Timeline Changes

Probably one of the hardest things to do in a remodeling project is to keep all delivered items on the same schedule. When you begin shopping for appliances, consider how long it will take you to have those shipped to your home. Missing appliances in a kitchen remodeling project will push back your timeline and delay all other finishing touches, leaving you stuck in an unfinished project rut.

This is yet another reason to consider working with a cabinet dealer who can also provide you with the appliances for your kitchen remodel. This type of dealer will streamline the process of ordering, shipping and receiving during your project so timeline delays don’t happen, and ultimately guarantee that everything will fit properly with no unusual problems.

Having your appliances chosen, and hopefully purchased, at the beginning of the project will also help you see (and solve) some issues that may arise. These issues may not be with measurements, but rather in a faulty delivery - like missing pieces or broken parts. If you waited until till the end of the project to order and there were unforeseen issues, this can set you back even further.

Remodeling projects are not always perfect, but if you make sure that your appliance plans are made before installation begins, that is one less thing to throw off the plan. Working with the right designer during the appliance purchasing process will help you create a versatile design with the right space needed for the appliances you choose.

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