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Choosing A Door Style For Your Kitchen Cabinetry

There are many choices that have to be made when deciding on cabinets for your kitchen, and one of the biggest is selecting your door style. With so many different selections to choose from, it can become paralyzing; but by breaking down door styles into a few easy-to-understand terms, you can regain control. The following article will help you do just that.

The Frame and Panel

A cabinet door is made of two things; a four sided frame, and panel within that frame. Different types of frames are usually identified by where the panel meets the top piece of the frame and whether or not it has any detail. The most common frame types are:

Square – the panel and frame are squared off on all four sides

Arched – the top part of the frame is arched showing more of the panel

Cathedral – a variation of the arched style where only a portion of the frame is arched

These frame styles are found in almost every style of kitchen, from modern to traditional.

Getting Stylish

If you know what type of frame you like, then you’ll probably have a door style that appeals to you as well; and that’s when your kitchen style will start to be determined. Just like the frame, overall door styles come in many shapes and sizes, but some popular styles are:

Shaker - These doors are almost always square-framed doors and are often built in a craftsman-like style. Frequently, they will have visible dovetail joints and a flat panel. Their clean lines and simple style work with modern designs and traditional designs alike.

Raised Panel - This type of door has a panel that is raised, giving it more architectural detail. Raised panel doors can have a square frame, but arched and cathedral frames give them even more detail, which fits well in a traditional style kitchen.

Slab - With no frame, slab style doors are basically one large, flat panel. They typically are full-overlay doors, and the simplistic look makes them the go-to door style for contemporary and modern kitchen designs

Mullion - Glass inserts instead of wood panels make these the “show off” doors in a kitchen. They can come with any frame style, and the glass inserts can come in many different styles as well. These doors are often used on only a few cabinets to add an artistic touch to the kitchen, but they work well in both modern and traditional styled kitchens.

See For Yourself

This is only a start to the many different styles and combinations that are possible when it comes to cabinet doors. It’s important that you see as many different styles as you can before making a final decision. That’s why, when trying to choose a door style, a large showroom is your best friend.

With over 650 full-sized kitchen displays in our showroom, you’ll be able to see numerous door and kitchen styles in person to help you make your final decision.

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